Christenings, Weddings and Funerals

Leaving through Lychgate


We welcome babies, children and adults from our community to come to the church to be christened.

Christenings are FREE of charge. We are simply delighted to welcome new members to the church family, and look forward to supporting them in their Christian life.


We can hold Weddings, Blessings, and the Renewal of Vows.

Costs are associated, but we offer a lot of flexibility in terms of music, photography and decoration. We are also very proud of our bells that can ring out in celebration of your day.


Whether or not you or a loved one has been a regular churchgoer, we will welcome you, and make the service as personal and meaningful as possible. Costs are associated.


Information about fees for Weddings and Funerals can be found here, and we would be happy to discuss and explain these further with you if required

Wedding and Funeral Fees